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*We apologize for the bad news. Shopping site break down, and it is impossible to use the shopping site any more.


*We've lost the information of customer's address, customer's points.


*When we are ready to ship the doll, We will send email to customers who have not yet received a doll.
or You can send email to ( about your order(your name, order date, order contents, address, phone number)


*About points, for customers who have ordered in the past 2years(2019~2020), We will discount 1% of your all orders in the past 2years if you order in one year (before 2021 July 3).
We don't apply more the points. so if you want to use the point, please use in 1 year.
Please send the picture of Certification of Authenticity to email ( for it.
We will check your orders and our order's records.



*It is possible to order through email (


*The delivery schedule is 2~3 months(pale, fresh, orientalskin), but other skincolor will be taked more time.


*Please write below article when you send email for ordering.
1. Contents (dolls name-heads or bodys or parts, skincolor, option, tools)
2. Your name
3. Shipping address (receiver, address, country, phone number)
4. Payment method (Paypal or Bank Transfer)
5. Full payment or Deposit payment
6. other requirements(about delivery schedule, explain about makeup)



*After your order,
we will answer the total payments(contents price, shipping cost) and payment account.



*Payment method --- Paypal or Bank Transfer

*Dollstown paypal address --

*It is possible to pay by 2~6 months layaway option. And you have to pay 20% for first payment.

*Also It is possible to pay 20% for deposit, and You can pay the rest payment when we are ready to ship.
When we are ready to ship, we will send email to you.



Dollstown's skin color is same with Dollshe craft's skin color.
Please see the skin color in this link


The skin color page of  Dollstown gallery

The skin color page of Dollshe craft's site



HEAD Makeup -- $60 : 5yr, 7yr,  $65 : Elf,  $70 : 3.0Line,  $75 : 3.8Line


BODY Makeup -- $55 : 5yr, 7yr,  $60 : Elf,  $70 : 13yr girl,  $75 : 15yr boy, 17yr girl,  $80 : 18yr girl, 17yr boy,  $85 : 18yr boy


*It is possible to send a picture or link for makeup.


*If you don't explain detailedly about makeup, We will do the standard makeup in Dollstown gallery.



*Address : 910-305 ho, Sanduro 128, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Postal code 10406, South Korea

*Phone number: 010-9192-2213

*Business License 128-28-61411