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Date added: Mar 16, 2013 Soyu elf head and New Elf body ver.2013 release

New Soyu head and New Elf body ver.2013 will be released from March 18th, is available to preorder with 10% discount.

Date added: Jan 15, 2013 Alina 7yrs head release

New Alina head by Torre will be released from Jan 20th, with 10% discount to order in stock.

Date added: Dec 24, 2012 Soi 13yrs head release

New 13yrs head "Soi" will be released from Dec 26th, is available to order or preorder.

Date added: Aug 29, 2012 New website open this week

The new site and old site is different system. So it's impossible to find the order of the old site in this site.

The old site will have new address. and we can see the info of old site.

For the order of old site, We will send email when we ship the doll. If you want to ask about that, Please send email--

Date added: Aug 29, 2012 Marking the Launch of the New DollsTown Website

We offer free shipping for orders over US$1,000 to mark the launch of the new DollsTown Website.