Elastic String (neck-foot)


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10 days
2 points

This is the extra string for connecting neck to foot.

two piece

Thickness 3.5mm


String for 5yrs Girl body
122cm(61cm, two piece)

String for 7yrs Girl body

132cm(66cm, two piece)

String for Elf body

150cm(75cm, two piece)

String for 13yrs Girl body
154cm(77cm, two piece)

String for 15yrs Boy body 
156cm(78cm, two piece)

String for 17yrs Girl body
164cm(82cm, two piece)

String for 18yrs Girl body
172cm(86cm, two piece)

String for 18yrs Boy body
168cm(84cm, two piece)


It is impossible to order the freshskin string. You have to order the orientalskin string for freshskin doll.

The length of string is based on the orientalskin.

The Tension of paleskin and paletanskin, tanskin is stronger, so The shtring of paleskin, paletanskin, tanskin will be shiped longer length more than freshskin, orientalskin.