17yrs Girl Ecup Body LIMITED EDITION


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We are now taking orders 17yrs girl Ecup body at 10% discounted price within time and quantity limit.
This will be offered throughout the course of 1 times. The doll will be sold in limit of 50 units at a time which totals up to be 50 units at the end.
Last round – starting from Jul 25th until sold out – will be limited to 50 units for each line up – at 10% discounted price
The doll will be completely discontinued once the limited quantity is fulfilled.
17yrs Girl Ecup body's detail size (a unit : cm)
weight  1.5 kg(head+body)
height  64.5-65 (head+body)
sitting height   32
length of arms  19.5
length of hand  5.9
length of foot  7.9
width of shoulder 12.5-12.7
circumference of neck 9-9.1
circumference of bust  27.2-27.3
circumference of waist  17.8
circumference of hips  27.1-27.2
thigh circumference : 15.6-15.8
calf circumference :  11.1-11.2
length from crotch to sole : 32.8
foot width : 2.9

Product includes the following
The Head, Clothes, Eyes, are not included.
If you want to order the head, Please add it to your order.
Please note that there are parting lines on the doll that arise from the production prodess.
The dolls comes without makeup. You have to do makeup yourself or You can send the doll to other company or artist to do makeup.
Shipping Box
the beige color box
Do not remove the parting lines on Paletan-skin, Tan-skin dolls as it will lead to discoloration.
There are parting lines, which form during casting, on the doll.
Darker resin dolls can become discolored if you use sandpaper or other tools to smooth the surface. Refrain from any aesthe (sanding) work on a darker resin doll.
Colors may look different depending on your monitor settings.
Dolls yellow from natural light, so please avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Dolls may also turn yellow or green under intense artificial lighting as well, so please be careful. Coating your doll with a UV protector and keeping it fully dressed (including wig) can help preventing it from turning yellow or green
Stock Information & Shipping Schedule
You can order the dolls in preorder (casting process) in Dollstown shopping cart.
When you put the products into your cart, You can choose the Skincolor in stock or in preorder (reproducing process).
Orders will be ship in around 2 months upon receipt of payment.
Dolls in preorder are made on order, so orders cannot be canceled once payment has been made.
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17yrs Girl Ecup